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Seen & Read: September 4, 2014

Food Arts Staff - September 4th, 2014

The Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookbook by Stephanie Pedersen, MS, CCHC, AADP
You won’t have to wait for Starbucks to bring back its pumpkin spice latte to get your fall fix. Pedersen, a holistic nutritionist, is introducing her own recipe for a healthy “pumpkin pie spice blend” along with 40 ways of using the autumnal flavors in a cookbook out next month. Recipes vary from wholesome to downright indulgent, promising a range of delectable options for your fall table. —Savannah Lawandales, editorial assistant

Scouting the Scene, New York Times
Enrique Olvera talks trials on his upcoming opening in yesterday’s Times. Read more about Olvera in our feature story, “The Mexican Ambassador,” which we reported in March. —Abbe Lewis, associate editor

José Andrés Interviews Fellow Chef Michel Nischan, The Plate
Andrés, now writing for National Geographic’s The Plate, sat down to interview his friend Michel Nischan, a fellow chef, author, Food Arts Silver Spoon winner, and CEO of Wholesome Wave, an organization focused on making healthy food available and affordable for all. Nischan, who believes that fruits and vegetables can be a prescription to increase overall health, supports the development of urban farms and encourages chefs, consumers, and homecooks alike to know the origins and sources of their ingredients. —Kelsey Holloway Murdoch, editorial assistant

How to Feed the Cities of the Future,
MIT scientist Caleb Harper hopes to change the future of farming with his vertical greenhouse, slated to debut in the next six months. —A.L.