Michael Batterberry
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Memories of Michael

N/A / December 2010

He was and will remain a titan, who with Ariane created and shaped the American food scene as we know it today, and in so doing established a worthy place for the American chef in the world at large. —Patrick McDonnell

Even before the voice, there was the suit. —Lolis Eric Elie

He was the consummate architect, reporter, trend-tracker, and herald of the new emerging American cuisine we have all come to now know. —Norman Van Aken

I left every encounter with him wrapped in a warm glow and inspired to do my best work. —Rose Levy Beranbaum

He was always open to new tastes, young talent, molecular daring, and seemed to know what the next big thing would be…perhaps because he gave it a name in Food Arts. —Gael Greene

Michael was gracious and generous, and I am proud to be one of his protégés. I am sad I won't see him again, but sadder for those who never got to meet him. —Dave Arnold

His reflections were constant in that magical way that Michael alone could give you support and advice. With a deep rooted belief in you and that you would succeed no matter what, as long as you did what was in your heart, what you believed in and what you did well. —Suvir Saran

He was a true visionnaire, and because of his vision Food Arts became one of the first major magazines to inspire, encourage, and champion so many of us. —Eric Ripert

I know the term "legend" gets passed around a lot these days, but if I had one vote for a such a category, he would most certainly be it. —Kerry Heffernan

Michael was a man with infinite curiosity and a deep intellectual need to understand the world. Luckily for those of us gastronomes, he turned his attention to the table. —Ariane Daguin

When the Batterberrys received the James Beard Award's Lifetime Achievement Award this spring, there was a standing ovation. And what did Michael, visibly moved, do? He elegantly kissed Ariane's hand. Always a gentleman. —Joan Nathan

Through Ariane, his legacy and style will continue, since he captured all of us, and we can truly say that he was bigger than life. —Piero Selvaggio

Of Michael Batterberry--I'm really gonna miss you, sir--your words, your encouragement, your sense of doing the right thing and doing it first-class or not at all. —Farmer Lee Jones